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2017 was the Year of Women. In 2017, we made our voices heard. In 2018, we will make waves.

Disinformation circulates in a variety of ways online and is often difficult to detect. Watch to find out more about the history of disinformation, its effects, and tips to spot it in your own newsfeed.
As the global technology sector continues to innovate and grow, one industry is having significant impacts on both its entrepreneurs and those who use it. "Fintech" - short for financial technology - companies and applications are providing people access to financial markets and opportunities in new ways, creating financial security for people around the world.
Research continues to show that when women are supported in and encouraged to enter the workforce, national and local economies grow. The 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, co-hosted by the United States and India, will focus on women's entrepreneurship. The theme "Women First, Prosperity for All" amplifies the importance of female participation to boost economies across the globe.
Since the United Nations declared World Space Week in 1999, events have been held annually around the world to educate people both young and old about the potential and results of space exploration. The 2017 theme, "Exploring New Worlds in Space," focuses on the technological innovations that allow humans to explore planets beyond Earth.
Veteran television anchor Richard Lui's career spans 30 years and includes covering humanitarian issues and people's stories across six continents. He is also the first Asian American to host his own cable television news show. This World Press Freedom Day, he provides tips for budding journalists in pursuit of a more transparent and knowledgeable world.
Energy sources in informal settlements like Seaview are often unreliable and can be dangerous to the lives and homes of residents. An energy company in Mandela Bay, South Africa is providing solar panels and work opportunities for residents to install a safer alternative energy source.

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